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Wild Yam Oil

Wild Yam Oil

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Introducing our all-natural Hormone Harmony Oil Roller Ball, a powerful blend of wild yam root, chaste tree berry root, and hemp seed oil designed to support hormonal balance and well-being. 


Crafted in a convenient 10ml roller ball bottle, this unique blend offers a portable and easy-to-use solution for on-the-go hormonal support. Wild yam root is known for its traditional use in promoting hormonal equilibrium, while chaste tree berry root is believed to support menstrual health and hormonal function. Hemp seed oil provides nourishment and moisture to the skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated.


Simply roll on this harmonizing oil blend to pulse points or areas of tension to experience the natural benefits of these botanical ingredients. Embrace balance and vitality with our Hormone Harmony Oil Roller Ball, your go-to companion for hormonal wellness.

 Use: apply twice a day to the neck, wrists, chest, inner arms, and/or thighs! 


Results vary as this is a natural product! Many women have reported wild yam has helped with libido, hot flashes, pcos symptoms, and even cramping! 


use 3 weeks out of the month. If you still have a period stop using it the week of your cycle. If you no longer have a period- pick any week of the month to give your body a break!


progesterone and estrogen free


Wild Yam Root, Chaste Tree Berry Root, Hemp Seed Oil

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L. P.

This is my nightly ritual!! LOVE ❤️ this product!!

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