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Cherry Boobie Body Yogurt

Cherry Boobie Body Yogurt

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Experience the nourishing benefits of Cherry Boobie Butter! Made with niacinamide, collagen, and pineapple extract, this rejuvenating formula helps keep your boob's, butt, and belly firm and supple. Pamper yourself with every use and embrace a youthful glow for life.





Coconut Oil High Oleic Sunflower OilExtra Virgin Olive Oil Emulsifying Wax 93725SC Glyceryl Monostearate Organic Shea Butter Stearic Acid Cetyl Alcohol Carbomer Optiphen Plus Niacinamide, Fragrance Oil, Mica, Pineapple Extract

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Customer Reviews

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Cherish Young
Melted/Gritty texture

I reached out to the seller after receiving the Boobie butter because it was completely melted upon arrival. The seller responded quickly to let me know there was a disclaimer stating that it may arrive melted in the summer heat (which I missed). The product smells amazing, and I would probably have given it a higher rating despite it arriving melted, but the texture was gritty. For the amount it melted down to (I’d say about 1/4) and the unpleasant texture, it just wasn’t worth the price. I also ordered the mango butter, and it also melted, but it was still pretty full and even with it melted down it didn’t have that awful texture.

Ree W.

I am in love with this product. I use it directly after a shower on wet skin. It goes on smoothly, leaving my skin extremely soft and moisturized. And it smells A-mazing!!!! I love it💕

Not As Advertised

A+ for creativity, scent, and vibrancy. Unfortunately, I will not be purchasing again. There was some leakage during shipping and the containers arrived half-empty. The product is an unusual consistency, gritty, and turned my skin orange. Even after wiping it off, the product settled in the lines of my skin and left an orange residue behind. See pictures.

Smells Great, Not sealed when shipped!

I just got this in today, it smells great and I am excited to use it! But the lid was not completely closed when it was packaged. Luckily it only managed to leak just a little bit! There also is a large air pocket in the jar when I opened it. This is my first product I've ever tried with this texture so I'm not sure if that's just how they come. It has a really interesting texture, its like a buttery texture with a little bit of sugary grit to it. Overall, I am excited to use this, I'm gonna smell like a snack.


In love with this!! Skin smoothing and firming.

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